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Seeking support for product development?

Involvement of manufacturer from the early stage of product’s life cycle ensures effective production and material-technical solutions.

Searching for a reliable mould producer?

Process from the idea until final product is rather long and one of the most important things in getting the product on the market is designing and producing a high quality mould.

Seeking for a cost-effective plastic product manufacturer?

Continuous production development like automation and using of robots in various stages of injection moulding ensures competitive prices for plastic parts serial production.

Seeking for a cleanroom manufacturing?

Regular production environment is not always sufficient and controlled conditions meeting ISO 14644-1 standard are needed to fulfill the requirements for product cleanliness.

Seeking for a reliable partner in assembly works?

Continuous production development and automation are part of Plastone’s everyday activities. Still, automation is not always rational and therefore human labor is needed for different assembly processes

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